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Tourism Challenge!

It is important this summer to get out into your community and explore everything that it has to offer

The Burnaby North Road BIA is participating in the Tourism Challenge as part of the Build Back Tourism 2021 and we are proud and excited to welcome everyone to our amazing neighbourhood.

The Build Back Tourism program, is a seasonal opportunity for staff and volunteers actively working at the attractions, hotels and partner locations to explore local attractions from May 1 – September 30, 2021.

This last year has certainly challenged everyone. All types of businesses and organizations have been critically challenged to come up with winning strategies for survival.

The Tourism & Hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit. With the roll out of the vaccines well-underway, we hope to soon return to normalcy. Well, whatever the new normal is going to be anyway!

We invite Tourism Challenge participants to explore the North Road BIA area, commonly known as “Korea Town” and “Coffee City.” We have a large number of international restaurants serving amazing food and desserts.

How to earn your North Road BIA stamps:

Take two photos of art installations on North Road. Feel free to post them on social media and tag @northroadbia and use #visitnorthroad to share your experience.


1. The murals at Korea Town Centre - 4501 North Road  
2. The cog sculpture above the escalator at Northgate Village – 3433 North Road
3. North Road Banners – Throughout North Road on the Burnaby side

4. The North Star – Near White Spot at 4075 North Road

5. Topiaries at Cameron Rec Centre


Next, make your way to one of our partnering businesses and show them your photos to receive your stamps!

We have two stamp locations to choose from:

Lougheed Town Centre Customer Service Desk – 9855 Austin Ave, Burnaby. Open 11am to 6pm daily.

Aromatears - Suite #201 -4341 North Road, Burnaby. Open 11am to 8pm daily


For more information on the Tourism Challenge, visit: www.tourismchallenge.ca/how-it-works

Regular Events include:

Easter Treasure Hunt (Easter weekend)

Party for your Mama! (Mother’s Day)

Korean Community Day (Mid-summer)

Halloween Trick or Treat Parade

Christmas caroling (Saturdays in December)

Shopping Spree Contests (Nov / Dec)

Easter Weekend

Easter Treasure Hunt