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Local Restaurant Reviews

Reviews submitted by patrons from the community


North Road Sushi and Kitchen

"North Road Sushi and Kitchen is a gem on North Road!  I took my kids there for an evening snack.  To my surprise, the most ordinary sushi we orders: Mango sushi and Tamago sushi were super fresh, fluffy and yummy!!  We would definitely come back and try some their other choices!  Not to mention, the pricing is extremely affordable as well!"

- S


Basak Cafe

"Basak Cafe is a little sweet coffee shop on North Road!   Despite a limited choice of menu options, it offers a great selection of waffles and drinks!   For a late night snake, we ordered a Street Strawberry, Green Tea and Redbean Waffle with a Pineapple Ape.  The cream and sweetness are well balanced and melt right in our months.  What more is to say: We were in heaven!  You have to come and try!"

- S


Japolo Sushi

"I ordered the Sushi Pizza at the Burnaby Japolo Sushi with a friend, and I have to say it was some of the best sushi I’ve had!! The owner - Jacki - was so nice and welcoming. The crust was deep fried rice topped with salmon, tuna and shrimp and some sweet sauces and veggies; the textures were absolutely amazing. The pricing is pretty decent, I’d definitely go there again for that dish!"

- A Patron



"I ordered the Green Tea Shaved Ice Bingsu at the Burnaby Subling Café! This delicious dessert really hit the spot, the pairing of the matcha ice cream and the sweet sauce they served on the side was perfect. A little pricey for sure, but I’d recommend treat yourself to it at least once."

- Annie


Arisu Korean BBQ

"I had the Bulgogi Stew and my friend had the Kalbi-tang at the ARISU Korean BBQ in K-Town. Something I really liked was that they served us some light appetizers before our soups and that they were already included. This included sweet potato, cabbage with dressing, broccoli and kimchi. With the soups they also served us a bowl of rice. The soups were amazing, literally soul food. They came bubbling hot and had little rice-cakes in them which I loved! Definitely recommend going there!"

- Annie


"I had the Strawberry Chubby Waffle at the Basak on North Road, I also ordered the Iced Latte. The strawberry cream in the waffle was so good, I liked how it wasn’t overly sweet. The fresh strawberries really livened it up too. The iced latte was really good, it wasn’t that sweet which I loved. Overall, it was a tasty snack"

- Annie


"I ordered the lunch special at the Onggi restaurant on North Road, which was so so good! The Onggi Jung-Chan Box had little portions of all these amazing dishes, a full course meal. It left me feeling satisfyingly full, but not fatigued. The service was amazing as well!! I’d recommend this restaurant for a meal with family or friends, loved it!"

- Annie

Thai Chef

"I had the Pad Thai and my friend had the Garlic and Pepper Pork with Rice at the North Road Thai Chef restaurant. I was pleased that before your meal, the restaurant serves you a nice salad and spring roll that’s already included in the order. I quite enjoyed my Pad Thai, it was very filling though. My friend loved the zing of ginger in her dish, and how there were crunchy pieces of nuts along with the veggies. We both enjoyed our meals, and the nice service along with it!"

- Annie

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