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Provincial Shop Local program features North Road!

Check out our restaurant review page for recommendations on what to try in the neighbourhood!

"I ordered the lunch special at the Onggi restaurant on North Road, which was so so good! The Onggi Jung-Chan Box had little portions of all these amazing dishes, a full course meal... The service was amazing as well!! I’d recommend this restaurant for a meal with family or friends, loved it!

- Annie

Restaurant reviews of North Road

Government Korean Translators available!

Dear BIA member -
Good news for our Korean speaking members - thanks to Service BC you can connect directly with a Korean speaking translator to access information about the COVID 19 supports.
Simply call 1-888-990-9014 and say "Korean interpreter please"
Here’s the link to all of the available business funding!

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Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 12.43.25

When COVID hit, we wanted to make sure our businesses were protected from crime, so we quickly reached out to the Burnaby RCMP Community Policing department for support. They immediately responded with a poster campaign and also substantially increased patrols in the area and surrounding community. Many merchants commented they were seeing police cruisers at all hours of the night and day! We put the posters on everyone’s windows and in the local papers, which proved a great deterrent to criminal activity in the business area. 

The innovative program was also picked up by the cities of Surrey and Richmond.